Carbondale, Illinois Removal

Blake Law Group, P.C. has a strong record of success in child relocation cases. One reason for our success is our thorough understanding of the law and of the standards used to prove relocation actions. We interact closely with Guardian Ad Litems. We know the information that the Court appointed Guardian Ad Litem will seek when investigating a relocation matter. Guardian Ad Litems often examine issues regarding schools in the proposed new location, housing and the ability to insure the child’s continuing relationship with the other parent after removal. When seeking removal and relocation, the Court will look for a real advantage to the child.

As experienced, Carbondale, Illinois relocation and removal attorneys, we can develop arguments for relocation, depending on the facts and circumstances of the case, and our client. In most states you must obtain a Court Order prior to moving with the child. Court decisions are most often based on the best interest(s) of the child(ren). Courts nationwide differ on how they approach these best interest standards and how to prove them. In general, the Courts will look at the continuity and stability of the original custody agreements. In addition, they may look at the harm that may come about from the deviation from the child’s patterns of past care.

If the case was litigated, the Court may look at some of these additional factors: (1) was relocation discussed in the divorce agreement, (2) if the child is at the age of majority what do they think of the relocation, (3) does the child have special needs, (4) will these be met at the new location, (5) will the quality of the child’s education be consistent with the current system, (6) is the move intended to disrupt the parenting schedules, (7) what is the reason or intent for the move, (8) how will the move affect the parental visitation rights, and (9) will the visitation schedule disrupt the child and left behind from developing and maintaining and growing a strong relationship.