Estate Settlement

Protecting Your Interests in Will Contests, Trust Litigation and Probate Litigation

The attorneys at Blake Law Group, P.C., are experienced litigators with a major focus on resolving conflicts and controversies surrounding wills, trusts, intestate estates, and other probate issues. From our Belleville office, our contested wills and trusts attorneys represent both heirs and beneficiaries, as well as executors and administrators in disputes that include:

  • Validity of a will and disputes over a trust
  • Disputes relating to the competence of the person who made the will
  • Conflict over terms of a will
  • Disputes when a person dies intestate (when there is no will)
  • Claims of a surviving child or spouse not included in a will
  • Breach of fiduciary duty claims in a trust or will
  • Claims of over-reaching on the part of a trust administrator
  • Disputes relating to estate fraud
  • Other probate disputes

Waterloo Attorneys for Contested Wills and Trusts

If a will in which you are a beneficiary is being challenged, or if you are concerned that a loved one was unduly influenced during the writing of her will, or you believe that a trust administrator is not fulfilling his fiduciary duties, we can advise you about your rights under the law and how to best approach a defense or whether you have a reason to file a legal claim.

Since 1983, Blake Law Group, P.C., has been advising and protecting the rights of our clients who are involved these types of disputes. Our experience and concentration in these areas of law allow us to review your claim or assess your defense quickly, thoroughly and professionally.

Among the recent disputes our Madison County will contest and trust litigation lawyers were successful in favorably resolving were:

  • An out-of-state sibling sought to set aside transfers and objected to other activities of brothers prior to their father’s death in a probate proceeding in excess of one million dollars in which our client received a substantial settlement.
  • Out-of-state relatives and the surviving spouse of a decedent were involved in a dispute surrounding the decedent’s estate plan. We were able to resolve issues favorably for our client, the surviving spouse, in which more than $30 million was at stake.
  • Issues surrounding the interpretation of a trust worth more than one million dollars were resolved with the help of our Waterloo trust litigation attorneys.