Tax Law

Tax Audit Representation

Our attorneys handle matters before the Internal Revenue Service, Illinois Department of Revenue and other taxing authorities, including with respect to tax audits, appeals and litigation, criminal tax, sales tax, tax returns and real estate assessments. Blake Law Group P.C. helps its clients minimize stress and considers options and creates strategies for its clients to accomplish their goals.

We can help you with tax problems, including, but not limited to, liens against property, levies against wages, Offers in Compromise, payroll tax problems, representation prior to and during audits, penalty abatement, bankruptcy advice, innocent spouse protection and filing delinquent tax returns, including for those who have not filed for one year or for many years.

Internal Revenue Service – Waterloo, Illinois

If a tax lien has been filed against you, matters will get worse as time passes. Blake Law Group, P.C. help clients in regard to IRS liens that can damage good credit and borrowing capacity. We are experienced attorneys in regard to wage garnishments by the Internal Revenue Service and we can assist in regard to IRS seizures. We have represented taxpayers for decades and, as a Belleville and Illinois tax attorney, we can minimize stress for our clients.

We represent many taxpayers who have not filed federal and/or state tax returns for many years.Sometimes there are unusual or even catastrophic events that occur in one’s life. For many reasons, those events can cause persons not to file tax returns. By not filing in any given year, that can exasperate the anxiety and pressure an individual may be experiencing. Sometimes tax returns are not filed in subsequent years, after a year is missed, because of the very real concern that by filing tax returns, after tax returns have not been filed for a year or more, that may lead to the discovery and consequences associated with tax returns not being previously filed. All the while, taxes, penalties and interest continue to accrue.

Illinois Department of Revenue

If you receive a contact, communication or notice from the Illinois Department of Revenue, please contact our office for a no charge, free consultation so that we may discuss with you any issues or concerns.  Depending on the facts and circumstances, there could be civil issues and criminal issues.

We have represented non-filers for decades.  For various reasons, sometime a taxpayer, whether individual or business, may not file tax returns for a given period of time.  After that, the  taxpayer may continue with his course of conduct and basically may make matters worse for themselves.  These problems will not go away.  In many instances, taxpayers do not deal with their problems in a competent and timely manner.  We can help.

Tax Planning for Individuals/Businesses

We are experienced and have expertise in the areas of business and commercial transactions, including where there are multiple entities as well as multiple shareholders/partners. We provide representation regarding the economics of contemplated transactions, including ensuring that clients are aware of tax consequences that may arise, including in the future, in regard to transactions. We have experience in handling the sales of businesses, real estate investments, commercial properties, professional practices, etc.

Audits, Appeals & Litigation

As Belleville, Collinsville, Waterloo and Waterloo, Illinois attorneys, representing clients throughout the Metro East and Southern Illinois in Central Illinois regions, including St. Clair County, Madison County and Monroe County, Illinois, we provide representation in preparation for former representation at audits, both federal and state. This usually includes working with the taxing agency in regard to deciding what documents or information to produce, the actual production and review of documentation and information and providing an interface or Ago between the taxing agency and the client. In certain situations, depending upon the circumstances, it may not be recommended that there be direct contacts between the taxing agency and the taxpayer, at least initially, and until there is some control over the case and potential consequences are properly evaluated.

Tax Collection Disputes

As a Metro East Law Firm representing tax payers, including non-filers, with the Internal Revenue Service and Illinois Department of Revenue, we are often hired by clients who have tax problems and who may receive notices of levy of federal and/or state taxes against their employers or bank accounts. In many instances, there are exigent circumstances and not much time to act. The employee is concerned with keeping his or her job, how much may be taken and their finances in the event they do not receive their normal paycheck. We generally work with the taxpayer to explore options that may be available including working with the federal and/or state tax agency in regard to the underlying tax liabilities.

Criminal Tax Cases – Federal & State

As a tax law firm practicing in Southern Illinois and central Illinois regions, including representing clients with the Internal Revenue Service and Illinois Department of Revenue, we are representing taxpayers over the years in regard to criminal tax prosecutions, both at the state and federal level. With respect to criminal tax cases, the prosecutor has to show a taxpayer is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt to sustain the burden of proof. Therefore, the initial actions by the taxpayer, as well as decisions being made regarding whether or not there is going to be cooperation, can be critical for the client, including analyzing matters that may not be of apparent immediate importance. Criminal tax cases at the state level often have to do with income tax, sales tax, use tax, and/or withholding tax. In many instances, taxpayers have had issues that extend over a number of years. Criminal tax cases at the federal level in many instances involve income taxes or employment taxes. In some situations, there are both federal and state tax issues for the same years, depending on the taxpayer and the circumstances.

Estate Tax Return – Federal & State

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Illinois Department of Employment Security

The Illinois Department of Employment Security is known for administering the State’s unemployment insurance programs.  There can be reviews, audits and/or investigations that include the Illinois Department of Employment Security.  We can provide assistance and representation in regard to any civil and/or criminal issues.